seo off page guide


On page optimization is one of the last things you can do to make sure your website or blog has high-converting traffic. But off page optimization, can be crucial for driving targeted traffic from other sources. There are many ways you can optimize your site for better rankings in search engines such as Google. The following guide will teach you everything you need to know about off page and on source marketing efforts that help raise your business’s visibility online so that a larger audience may find it.


Introduction to link Building

Off Page Optimization begins with the building of inbound links. Any kind of link that takes users to your website can help raise the site’s visibility on search engines. Links for these reasons are extremely valuable and should be pursued if at all possible, even with simple methods such as simply linking to related sites through comments on blog posts or articles. Here are some common techniques for link building:


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media is very effective off page optimization strategy which can drive traffic to your site, boost customer loyalty and increase brand visibility. You can create a Facebook page, Twitter profile and LinkedIn page for your business. Make use of images, videos and other features to entice your followers. Encourage them to subscribe and share content with their friends and family members.
You can also use social media as an off page optimization tool to promote your site’s blog posts or products.


Social Media Profile

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow you to create profiles for your business which include personal information about yourself, pictures, bios, links and all kinds of other details.



Commenting is another way to get inbound links that may help boost the search engine rankings of a website. To comment, simply place your message on a blog post or article. When others view the blog, they will have the ability to see your comment and possibly link back to your website throughout their comments. But make sure the comment is relevant to the blog post and not just a “boost” for your site.


Presentation of Site

Your site’s presentation is important for attracting visitors. Make sure it’s clean with a clear navigation, easy-to-use content and good graphics.


Internal Links

Another method to get inbound links is to place internal links directly on your site. Use the XML sitemap tool available on most popular blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. By simply adding an internal link to the sitemap, you will give search engines a way to track your site and it will be easy for users to find your website from other websites when they use the search engine.


Experts interview to build link and brand awareness

An interview with experts is another example of how you can use your blog to drive traffic and raise the visibility of a site. The interviewee expert will be more likely to link back to your website and, if you do it right, you could get visibility in the media.


Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are another way to boost off page optimization efforts. Sites like Digg, MIX and Reddit allow users to place their content on the front page of the site. When this happens, more people will be able to see links to your website.


Forum for link building

Another way to get inbound links is through forums. You can make use of online conversation forums to place a link to your website on the homepage of the forum. When people see your post, they will most likely click and leave a comment with their URL. This will help raise your visibility on search engines and drive new visitors to your site.


Guest Posting

Another method of raising the visibility of a website is by guest posting. To add links to your site, you can submit a piece of content to a relevant website. This strategy often leads to a higher quality link and more traffic, as it attracts their audience and may increase their popularity over time.


Paid Guest Posting

Sometimes, you might want to get a link quickly without waiting for the expert to write the blog post. You can have someone do some of the work for you by posting your content on other websites. This is a very effective way to get a link and drive traffic.


Question and Answer Forums

Online question and answer forums are very good places to drive traffic to your website. There are a lot of people who come back to ask questions and get answers, so you can help provide this service for them. Create a forum for people to ask questions and post answers.


Article Submission Sites

There are many websites out there that will allow you to submit articles for publication. The only thing you have to do is write the article, make it tailored for the site and submit it in exchange for a link back to your site. Make sure you keep the content on-topic, constructive, well-written and fresh.


Expert Interviews

One of the best ways to get a link is by conducting an expert interview on a relevant subject. This can lead to increased visibility in the media, as well as more links from sites that readers want more information from.


Profile on business directories

Another simple way to build your brand awareness is by creating a profile on online business directories. These sites are like social networking sites and are popular with search engine users because they can instantly find information about businesses from around the world. Check out sites like Yelp and Google Places for this type of service.


Replicate Competitors Backlink

If you are trying to get more inbound links, you should take a look at your competitors’ backlink profile. If possible, try to replicate their inbound links and boost your own site in the process.



An infographic is another simple way to generate more traffic and build your brand identity. An infographic is a bit of content that illustrates information visually on the web. By using an infographic to promote a product or service, it will help attract new visitors and raise the visibility of the site as well.



Another effective way to get inbound links is by making use of video. Videos are quite popular on social media these days and make a great way to promote your website or product. Videos can be produced with or without the intention of getting backlinks.



Although PDFs are not as popular on the web as they used to be, you can still use this kind of content to build your brand identity and raise the visibility of a site. When creating a PDF document, make sure that it is unique and done with the intention of getting inbound links.



Although they are not as popular as videos, podcasts can still be used to generate more traffic to a website. By creating a podcast, you can create another form of content for users to consume. Podcasts are great tools for getting links and building brand identity.


Avoid the use of Automatic Link Building Softwares

There are some people who are not aware of the risks of using automated link building softwares to get inbound links. Although these tools do work, they can get you in trouble with search engines. Always remember that Google and other search engines will penalize anyone using softwares that try to manipulate the search engine rankings.


Outbound Links

Finally, another way you can link up your website to search engines is to create a link exchange. The concept is simple. You place a link on your site that points to the site of another business or individual who will then return the favor by placing a link on their website that directs visitors back to yours. Link exchanges are not always reciprocal and you should also check to make sure whether this person’s site is reputable and trust worthy before agreeing to create a link with them.


Don’t be Spammy

Make sure that your content is unique and does not have a spammy vibe to it. Your content should have high quality content and geared towards a specific target audience. Anyone who comes across your site will know right away that your site is trustworthy and knows what it is talking about. In addition, the content should not be about getting links.


Remember to Keep It Legal

Make sure that you keep everything legal and legitimate. This point cannot be overemphasized because some of the practices used for link building today are considered spammy and, therefore, against search engine optimization guidelines.


Clearly Mention Authers Bio of Inbound Link

To be safe and legal, make sure that you include a disclaimer on your site whenever you use an inbound link which mentions the author of the article or a source web page.


Pre-check With The Linked Site First

Before adding any new website to your list of inbound links, it is a good idea to do some research and background check on that site to make sure that they are credible.

These are the core strategies that are vital to driving targeted traffic to your website. Using them in combination with on page optimization will help boost search engine results and bring a large audience to your site.