Social Media Expertise in Kathmandu, Nepal You Can Rely On

Trying to manage a social media campaign is like trying to herd cats. There are always going to be complaints and never any real consensus about what you are doing is correct.

One of the main reasons people don’t get the results they want from their social media efforts in nepal is they don’t understand the science of how those efforts work. They don’t understand that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

A post on Facebook is not the same as getting a phone call, or sending an email, or handing out a piece of printed material. They don’t understand that every action will produce a result and that result can be positive or negative.

With my help, you won’t have to be an expert at all. I will take care of the copywriting, the inbound marketing and your social media presence. website promotion… so you can focus on what you do best.

I have written hundreds of Facebook posts for my clients. And I have tested and retested the ones that performed best. So, when it comes to increasing sales… my posts are among the most effective online! Here’s just a small sample (very small) of the successful posts I have created for my clients:

 A simple “20% off” link at the bottom of a facebook increased the conversion rate of the link by 235%!

 A picture of a $1 bill with a headline that said: “Would you pay $1 for this?” Increased sales by 441%!

 A simple question posted on Facebook that was answered with a simple “yes” or “no” increased sales by 250%!

 A status update about how someone is “doubling their money every single day” increased the website visit by 400%!

There are many good Social Media agencies in kathmandu and Nepal but only a few good individuals. As an individual, I can be more flexible and creative than any social agency.

Agencies have their expertise and experience, but individuals have… passion!

Agencies have very specific rules about how clients should be communicated with. An individual can have the flexibility to connect with clients in a way that best suits the relationship.

I’m honest, I don’t charge for my initial consultation, and I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

I will work with you one-on-one, on an as-needed basis, to make sure your social media campaign is meeting your goals and keeping you moving forward.